Split Run Test

"Advanced split testing software to flip test your website"

What is a Split Test?

A split test is a way to make more than one version of your website and to see what version of your website converts more visitors into sales. Perhaps you want to test one headline vs another headline, or maybe you want to see if putting the order form on the home page works better than putting the order form on a separate page. SplitRunTest is a PHP marketing tool that allow YOU to test your sales pages and build the perfect sales pitch.

Most successful marketers specially from OMG (Online Marketing Gurus) are constantly testing their ideas. They have what's called a "control" version of their salesletter. A control is the best pulling salesletter that you have. When you get an idea to test, say, a new headline, you'll want to split test it against your already proven salesletter, the control, to see if it does better. If the new salesletter does better than the old one, the new salesletter now becomes your control saleletter. In this way, you can continually improve your website. A website split test is essential to any webmaster looking to improve their sales page.

Our split test script will show you :

    Which headlines are the ones that draw visitors into your site and get them to buy from you,
    How much your product is worth in people's minds, so that you can sell it for the CORRECT price (set the price too high, and you loose sales; set the price too low and your product is considered cheap!),
    Which part of your sales copy causes most people to leave your site without buying your product,
    Which colors hurt your sales, and which ones will influence people to pull out their credit card, and
    Whether or not that fancy little graphic you recently added to the top of your sales page does anything to increase your sales.
    SPLIT RUN TEST up 10 pages and up to two hundred sites!
    ANY other changes that YOU can think of! Split run test makes testing YOUR website easy, fun and profitable
How does your split run testing script work?

Our advanced PHP split testing script works by delivering a cookie to your visitors browser. They are then unknowingly and automatically redirected to one of the sales pages you are testing. It tracks if they make a purchase. The visitors are automatically "split" or distributed EVENLY to each of your testing pages. If they return, they see the same page! This way YOU can measure how each of your sales pages is performing based on the changes you made! To learn more about how The Split Run Test script works, click HERE

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